Our technology leaders have been actively trading complex financial markets, developing advanced trading technologies and creating matching engines for leading exchanges for over 20 years.

We Solve the Hard Problems

One of the biggest challenges for any successful currency exchange is throughput – the ability to stay operational during significant high order periods. Many exchanges crash and fail customers. Aquarius’ unique algorithm solves this by deriving greater value with existing market information and uses it to provide the best price and improved liquidity. We can do this, based upon two technology advantages:

Proprietary trade matching technology
We achieve best price discovery by linking every currency pair and its price together using our Aquarius Implied Triangulation algorithm (‘AQIMTRI’). This provides greater liquidity and increased probability of execution.

Fastest Exchange throughput capacity
Our trade matching engine can trade in excess of 100 million trades per second, processing every customer order in time critical fashion (also known as First-In-First-Out or FIFO). This is significantly higher throughput than any exchange today.